2017 Planner Lineup: More Planners for a Simpler Life

Use Multiple Happy Planners

In 2016, I used a Classic Happy Planner for everything. Work. Personal. Memories. Blogging. Everything was kept in one planner. I worked from home, and my job was not that demanding. I did a lot of things every day, so I didn’t always need to write them down. Since I worked from home, everything in my life kind of blended together anyway. It made since that my planner reflected that.

I’m trying something different for 2017. I’m starting a new job that I think will be a little more demanding. Plus, I’ll be working in an office, so I won’t be able to run to the grocery store or start dinner between phone calls and emails.

One of the things I’m excited about with my new job, is a having a little more separation between my work and personal life. As I was thinking about my planner for 2017, I decided to continue that separation of church and state with my planners.

I want to be more in the moment, so I can completely focus on work at work and home at home. I don’t want to think about my after-work errands while I’m in meetings all day. That’s not helpful or productive!

So, I’m trying separate planners for separate areas of my life.  I have SIX (yes, six!) planners in my 2017 lineup.

It’s a lot, and, honestly, it sounds a little overwhelming. BUT, each of this planners has a very specific purpose. I’ll be using each planner at a specific time and place, and there will be very little overlap.

AND, two of these planners (faith + fitness) are on my “Ideal Week” list. This means if life is crazy and overwhelming, I give myself permission to completely forget these two planners exist for the week. Guilt free.

One final thought before we get into the planners: I’m actually switching to my 2017 lineup in November. As I mentioned, I’m starting  a new job the second week of November. That seems like the perfect time to implement new routines, so I’m starting now. Extension packs will forever be my BFF!

Every Week Essentials:

This is your Year Neutral Happy Planner
This is Your Year Classic Happy Planner™ 

What I’ve added: Expander Discs, Snap In Cover, Daily Pages, Note Pages, Sticky Note Dashboard, Bookmark Dashboards
What I’m using it for: Work
Notes: This planner will likely stay at work, or at least in my work bag,99 percent of the time.

Mini Happy Planner Snap In Cover

Hello Beautiful Mini Happy Planner™
What I’ve added: Medium Discs, Snap In Cover, Classic Discs, Bookmark Dashboards
What I’m using it for: Personal
Notes: I plan on leaving this planner in my purse, and looking at it every evening before I drive home to make sure I don’t forget any errands. Mini Happy Planner


Be Bright Mini Happy Planner™
What I’ve added: Note pages (My quick note page modification)
What I’m using it for: Blog and social media planning
Notes: This planner will stay home, and I’ll only look at it when I’m working on something related to my blog or Instagram.


Big Happy Planner Memory PlanningToday is the Day Big Happy Planner™
What I’ve added: Folders
What I’m using it for: Memory keeping
Notes: My plan is to do these pages in one sitting on the weekend.


Ideal Week Hopefuls: 

Happy Faith Planner

Happy Planner™ – Faith Edition 
What I’ve added: Deluxe Cover, Note Pages, Sticky Note Dashboard
What I’m using it for: Bible study journal
Notes: I use this planner more as a journal, than a planner. This planner will stay home, but I’ll probably take it to church, too.

Mini Fitness Happy Planner

Mini Fitness Happy Planner™
What I’m using it for: Getting healthier!
Notes: I likely won’t use this every week, but I do hope to use it regularly. I’m considering taking out a week at a time to add to my Hello Beautiful Mini, so I’m not carrying both with me.




  • Can’t wait to how it all works out! It sounds like you’ve got a plan and everything laid out, ready to go. I’m curses to what the place you store these at home looks like too. Like, your set up, ya know?

      • No rush. Moving is hard. And omg. I have two mistakes in my original comment! I forgot the word see and curious came out as curses! Hahaha!!

  • I have 4and just ordered my 5th and a mini 6.
    I have a large HP ( Scrapbook/Journaling)
    Recipie planner ( ie: Recipies ?)
    I have a Faith Planner not only for Bible but for anything faith related.
    I have a regular HP. This one I decorate and love, more for home.
    Ordered a mini planner for on the go! Just for Appointments, budget, notes, decorating a bit..
    I also just ordered my FIRST “Erin Condren.” This one will primarily be for decorating and my new home business.

    Some find it overwhelming, I find it relaxing!!! Enjoy your 2017 with planning!!!


  • I love this! Your pictures are beautiful <3 I also love the faith journal idea! Is there an actual faith based happy planner, or did you adapt one for that use? Thanks!

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