4 Favorite MINI Happy Planner Layouts

I’m using a MINI Happy Planner as my personal planner this year. I love that this planner is small enough that I can throw it in my purse. I also love that my personal tasks aren’t lost on a huge page. I don’t usually do that much after work, so I don’t need tons of space.

I’ve been using a MINI Happy Planner for almost three months, and I feel like I’ve found my groove decorating and using this new format. I’m excited to share a few of my favorite recent layouts with you here today.

Bright + Colorful MINI Happy Planner Layout
I had so much fun with this colorful layout in my MINI Happy Planner! Most of the stickers on this page are from the Color Story value pack. I also used a few from the Rainbow value pack and the Seasonal value pack.
I used a lot of colors, but I only used one color per day to keep the page looking neat.

Floral #BeforeThePen MINI Happy Planner Layout
I used flower stickers to add bright colors to this layout. The other stickers on the page are all green to keep it simple and clean. If I add any functional stickers throughout the week, they’ll all be green.
I placed the floral stickers on alternating sides of the page. As I fill the planner in, my notes and to-do list will also be on alternating sides of the page. This will help visually break up the page, and make the notes easier to navigate.
Most of these stickers are from the Today is the Day Value Pack. A few are from the rainbow value pack.


Festive Red + Green MINI Happy Planner Layout
In this layout, I challenged myself to use stickers from only one Value Pack to show that you don’t need to spend a lot to decorate your planner. One of my favorite tricks: I trimmed full box stickers to make them fit my needs. You can see them used like washi tape at the top of the page and as decoration on several of the days.
I shared more about this layout on the me & my BIG ideas blog.
All of the stickers on this page are from the Color Coordinated Value Pack that’s in the photo.

Black + Gold MINI Happy Planner Layout
There are currently no me & my BIG sticker packs designed specifically for the MINI Happy Planner, but it’s easy to work with the sticker packs there are. On the right side of Monday and Tuesday, you can see how I made an impact by layering stickers to emphasize their size. On Saturday, you can see the CLASSIC full box stickers are a perfect fit when you place them horizontally.
I used the Color Story Value Pack and the Alphabet Value Pack for this layout.


To see more MINI Happy Planner layouts, follow me on Instagram @katietheplanner. 



  • Wow…I love all your mini planner layouts. I’m still trying to find my “groove” for decorating mine, but your post gave me a lot of inspiration. Thank you 🙂

  • I love your mini layouts! Would like to see/read more for inspiration. After 2months into my own mini I too feel like I have my decorating groove. However I’m always looking for other inspirations and tips. Keep them coming!

  • Wow I finally found someone who uses the horizontal Mimi Happy Planner. I got the last one from my Michaels store a while ago and I hadn’t seen any posts like this before. I had a large Happy Planner for 2016-2017 which worked great for a year but has become too big and I don’t need all of the room on the days I needed before. I am sewing a “purse” to carry it, gel pens, and the usual other stuff we ladies like to carry.

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