52 Recipes in 2017

Last year, I made a very general goal to cook more in 2016. There’s no real way to track that, but I feel like I succeeded. I found that I re-made the same meals over and over and over. I’ve never had been awesome at cooking, so I fell into a rut of making the dishes I felt confident in.

While I was cooking more, I realized that I love cooking, and I want to continue improving my skills. So, for 2017 I decided to challenge myself to make 52 new recipes. One new recipe each week, doesn’t seem too overwhelming. I’m sure I’ll cook more some weeks and not cook anything new other weeks. However it works out, the goal is to try 52 new recipes this year.

The recipes are not predetermined, but I’ll be tracking them here if you want to follow along.

Today, I’m sharing how I set up a few pages to track my progress with this challenge.  This idea could easily be adapted to track any challenge.

I originally planned on putting these pages in my planner, but I think I’ve decided to keep them in my mambi recipe organizer.

I used pre-punched Happy Planner notes pages to create a blank entry for each new recipe I try. I want to track what I make, when I make and a few notes. (Notes will be whether or not we like it, and if it was made for a special occasion.

I’ll also add the recipes we like to my recipe organizer, so there’s no reason to track recipe info on this page.

Originally, I thought about just creating a listing space for the first few and creating the rest of the listings later in the year. But, I know I’m most likely to follow through on challenges that I make really easy on myself. So, I decided to go ahead and create a space for all 52.

I used alphabet stickers, washi tape and some stickers to add a little color to these pages. I wanted them to be pretty simple right now, though. I’m sure they’ll be filled with character by the end of the year!


I also used a pre-punched half-page note sheet to create a space for brainstorming. I don’t know about you, but some weeks I see a billion recipes on Facebook I want to try, and other weeks nothing sounds good at all. I hope to fill out this brainstorming sheet when everything sounds amazing, so I have things to pick from when nothing sounds good.

I stuck this sheet in my recipe organizer with my challenge sheets, and, of course, I had to make it color coordinate!


What are some of your favorite recipes? I’m sure I’ll need plenty of ideas to get through this challenge!


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