DIY adulting notebook

Alternate Title for this Post: How to save the info you forgot you needed to save

Adulting Notebook

You know that moment when you’re on the phone with your bank trying to get a piece of information that you needed five minutes ago, but they won’t give it to you until you tell them your last three addresses, so you’re frantically searching through every sheet of paper that’s came in the mail in the last year while cursing yourself for putting off reorganizing your filing system?

That moment — OK let’s be real, four or five of those moments — is how this DIY came to be.

One day, after spending a few too many hours trying to figure out where I lived three years ago, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a packet of Happy Planner notes pages, some mini discs, and a pack of interchangeable covers and made what I call an “adulting notebook.”

I spent an afternoon going through our home filing system, writing things down that I’d had to search for at one time or another.  That gave me a really great start, and now it’s easy to add more details any time I discover something that’s not in the notebook.

I love that the pages fit in my planner, so i can switch them over if I’m on my way to the accountants office and don’t want to carry a second notebook. I also love that they’re not permanently in my planner, because this book is pretty much a handbook for stealing my identity.

Now for the important part. Here are the pages in my notebook:

  • How to be a Barton – Includes a list of every business we have an account with, along with very specific account information such as how to access the account, tips for getting through difficult-to-navigate websites, people I like dealing with so I know who to ask for, etc. This is by far the most used page in the notebook.
  • Previous Addresses – Because who can remember the address for the apartment you lived in for a year five years ago? Not me.
  • Previous Employment Information – Includes business names, phone numbers, addresses and supervisor names.
  • Tax Information – Includes who we filed with, how much we made, how much we paid, etc.
  • Online Passwords
  • Tons of notes pages – For adding new information while I’m on the phone.

What other pages would you add to this notebook?

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