DIY Planner Folder

DIY Planner Folder


I always have a handful of random papers I want to keep with my planner: Receipts, lists jotted down on scrap paper, a sheet of stickers, and the list could go on.

I usually stick these miscellaneous items between the pages of my planner, cross my fingers and hope for the best. I’d been planning on picking up a pack of planner folders, but I hadn’t made it a priority.

Then I found a cute pack of summer-themed MAMBI Sheets scrapbook paper at Tuesday Morning a couple weeks ago,  and I was inspired to try making my own folders. It was even easier than I thought it would be! Here’s the process I used:

DIY Planner Folder

Supplies Needed: Scrapbook paper, washi tape, scissors, punch 

  1. The first step is the most fun! Pick out the scrapbook paper you want to use to create your folder. The sea shell paper I used is MAMBI sheets by Me and My Big Ideas.
    The front part of the folder pouch will be upside down in the finished folder, so you’ll want a pattern that looks great from all directions.
  2. Fold the scrapbook paper in half with the pattern facing out. Then hold the folded paper vertically and fold the paper up from the bottom, with the crease you’re creating about a third of the way up the vertical edge. (The second fold is creating a pouch.) These two folds should have given you the basic shape of a folder.
  3.  On the right side of the pouch, use a matching washi tape to tape the front of the pouch to the back of the folder. This is what will hold the right side of your folder together.
  4. I went around the top and left side of the pouch with the same washi tape to finish the look.
    I only went around the top layer of scrapbook paper on this step. I didn’t tape the pouch closed on the left side, because I wanted my finished folder to have a little more flexibility.
    I’m going to punch the left side of the folder in the next step and that will keep things from falling out that side of the folder together when it’s in my planner.
    Note: This step isn’t necessary to the functionality of the folder, but it will make your finished product extra cute!
  5. Use the punch you use to add extra pages to your planner to punch the left side of the folder to fit it in your planner.

I’m so excited about creating more DIY folders to update my planner with seasonal patterns every few months!

If you make a DIY folder for your planner, I’d love to see. Tag me on Instagram @katietheplanner.


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