Fall Bucket List for Your Happy Planner

Happy Fall, y’all!

OK. So maybe it isn’t actually Fall yet, but it is after Labor Day. If Starbucks thinks it’s time for pumpkin spice lattes, then I think it’s time for fall planner projects! Happy dance!

Happy Planner Fall Bucket List


I started with a Happy Planner page protector sheet. I’m obsessed with these sheets that are pre-punched to fit in my planner. They’re such a fun way to add memories!

I cut a sheet of black paper to fit in the page protector. Then, I used metallic Sharpies to add my favorite Fall activities to the squares.

I decorated my bucket list with some washi tape and a few stickers from the MAMBI seasonal value pack. Want to know a secret? The bats on the bottom used to be black and would have blended in with the black background. I colored them with my silver Sharpie before I added them to this page.

I added my bucket list before the September monthly divider. I plan to move it around throughout the season, so it’s always nearby.

Right now, the back of this page is blank. I’m really excited to fill it with photos from this season! I have three TV and movie squares, so I’ve got a little space to write about any memorable Fall moments, too.

Happy Planner Fall Bucket List

Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @katietheplanner if you create your own Fall bucket list. Until then, save this post to Pinterest so you don’t forget!

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  • Thank you so much! I really love the bucket list stickers in the seasonal value pack but the “bucket list” stickers were always too big for the planner. Now I have a great idea to use the page protectors and the fuse tool I just got!!

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