What planner do you use? 
My main planner is a Happy Planner, and I love it! I switch things up every now and then, but I typically use a MINI Happy Planner for personal things, a CLASSIC Happy Planner for work, and a BIG Happy Planner for memory planning.

I’m a planner newbie. What do I need to get started?
Start small and you’ll have more fun! MAMBI products are a great place to start because they coordinate so well. Here’s a list of my must-haves for Happy Planner newbies.
Once you know your planning style a little better, then you can head to Etsy and search for things you know you’ll love. But honestly, I still prefer mostly MAMBI products because of how easy they are to coordinate — and they have so much cute stuff!

How do you use the three boxes in the vertical Happy Planner?
I’ve experimented with a lot of options, and I’ve found that different things work for me during different seasons of life. Typically, I use the top box for scheduled plans, the middle box for my to-do list and the bottom box for misc. notes.

I’m not very busy. What should I write in my Happy Planner?
A planner can still help you be more organized even if you’re not very busy! In this post, I share 40 of my favorite things to track in my Happy Planner.

Where did you buy your Happy Planner? I never find cute planners in stores.
I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. You can also find Happy Planners at Michael’s, Staples, and online at meandmybigideas.com.

Why do you still have a paper planner? Don’t you know about Google calendar? 
I love technology, and I’m all about using it to improve my life most of the time. I still prefer paper planners, because they make me feel more organized.    They’re also way more fun — you can’t add stickers and Washi tape to Google! I wrote more about why I plan in this post.

Do you keep your planners?
Yes! I view my planners like a modern scrapbook. In this post I wrote a little more about how I love the memory keeping aspect of scrapbooking.

Do you decorate in advance? 
No. My decorating style changes fairly often as my taste and mood changes. When I decorate in advance, I’m usually stuck with something I don’t really love anymore. It also means I have to wait longer to use new supplies. I prefer decorating and planning on Sunday evening — it sets the tone for my week.

Want to know something else? Send me an email at katieannbarton@gmail.com. I love to chat about planners!