Flip Through: The Happy Planner, Faith Edition

If you saw my Instagram Story yesterday, you probably already know that I celebrated the MAMBI Design Team announcement exactly like you would expect a planner girl to celebrate: I stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up The Happy Planner 12 Month Box Kit – Faith Edition.

This planner was designed by Janna Wilson, and is filled with her beautiful hand lettering. I’ve seen so many photos of this gorgeous planner on social media, and I have to tell you, it completely lives up to the hype. This planner is BEAUTIFUL in real life.

Today I’m going to share a billion photos of this planner, so if you haven’t got your hands on it yet, you can see exactly what you’re missing out on.Happy Faith Planner

Above you can see everything that comes in the box kit. There’s a 12-month undated planner, a MAMBI pen, a mini dashboard with sticky notes, a magnetic page clip and four sheets of stickers.

I don’t mention the pen anywhere else in this post, but I have to say these pens are amazing. If you haven’t tried MAMBI pens yet, they’re felt-tip happiness. They remind me a lot of Staedtlers, but they’re cute and way cheaper.Happy Planner Faith

Here are the four pages of stickers that come in the kit. The planner is undated, so there are two sheets of date stickers to help you get started.

The other two sheets are gorgeous faith-themed planner stickers that match the planner perfectly. I’m so excited to put these to use!


The sticky notes are gorgeous. I’m especially excited for the grateful sticky notes with the flower. If you can’t read the other two in the photo, the blue sticky notes say “Rejoice” and the pink sticky notes say “Today.”

Happy Planner Faith Edition

I’m so excited for this magnetic page clip. This is my first MAMBI page clip, and it’s even better quality than I was expecting.

MAMBI Bible PlanFaith Happy Planner

The monthly Currently page is one of the things that originally attracted me to Happy Planners. I am loving this spiritual twist on that concept so much.

Creative BibleHappy Planner Faith Faith Planner

Aren’t the monthly dividers so stunning?! I want to buy these as prints to hang on my wall.

Happy Planner Faith Edition

Above is the monthly calendar page. Every month has a small handwritten phrase or verse written at the bottom of the notes column. These little bits of inspiration make this planner even better.

Faith Happy Planner

The weekly pages are undated. There’s a bold line separating the three daily boxes rather than the thick header bar we’ve seen in other editions of the Happy Planner. I’m really excited that the punched side of the paper has fun polka dot design. Just like the rest of the planner, the bottom of the weekly pages are filled with inspiration.Faith Happy Planner

There’s one lined notes page on the back of the last weekly page, and it has a watermark of a flower photo. The inside back cover matches the inside of the front cover, but as you see here the back has a cute “live creatively” motto at the bottom. Faith Happy Planner

I’ll be sharing my plans for the faith planner soon, so keep an eye out! You can enter your email address in the sidebar to the right to have new posts emailed to you if you want to be extra sure you don’t miss it.

If you want your own Happy Planner – Faith Edition they’re available on the MAMBI online shop and at Hobby Lobby. A tip: These planners are not in the Hobby Lobby planner section; they’re in the home section. Some people have said they’ve seen them near the front of the store. At my store, they were on an end cap in the middle of the store. Look around a little, and if you can’t find them ask an associate.


  • Can the dividers and calendar sheets be purchases separately? I’m thinking ahead for when all get filled and I want to continue through the following year.

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