Happy Planners 101

You’re going to have so much fun with your new Happy Planner! If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, here are some of my favorite posts and other resources for beginners to get you started.
Feel free to get leave a comment or PM on Instagram @katietheplanner if you have any questions you can’t find an answer for here. I’m happy to help you get started with this awesome hobby!

Katie the Planner Posts:

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Other Resources:

Happy Planner Society Facebook group 

Your local planner group – Most areas have them, you just have to search Facebook to find them. If you’re in Tulsa, here are my two favorite local groups.
Planner Nerds of Tulsa 
Oklahoma Planner Addicts

Instagram: @meandmybigideas and @the_happy_planner
*Also search #thehappyplanner and #plannercommunity for inspiration.