Hey, you. You’re beautiful.

In case no one has told you lately, I want you to know you’re beautiful. You’re worthy. You’re awesome.

Not because you accomplished everything on your to-do list this weekend. Not because your planner layout is #goals this week. Not because you  have awesome lettering. Not because you’re having a great hair day, and you’re wearing super cute shoes.

It’s so easy to start connecting your worth to small details that in the grand scheme of things don’t really matter. Some day, the details of your life will likely change. You’ll have bad hair days when nothing gets checked off your to-do list.  On that day, you’re still going to be an awesome, beautiful human.

You’re more than the things you’ve checked off your to-do list.

This is going to be cheesy, but it’s also true. You’re important because you’re you. You’re an awesome, unique combination of talents and flaws, and when you put them all together they make you an incredible person. God loves you. Maybe we’ve never interacted, but I love you, too.

I have a bunch of fun planner posts prepped and ready to go. I’ll be sharing them over the next few weeks. This post felt more important, and I wanted to share it first.

This video really resonated with the way I’ve been thinking lately. If you have a few free minutes today, I don’t think you’ll regret watching it.

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