Inside my Memory Planner

Over the past year, I’ve fallen in love with memory planning.  The format of a planner really lends itself to memory keeping and saving all life’s beautiful details. Plus, the Happy Planner’s disc-bound system makes it easy to add in ephemera like ticket stubs, programs, theme park maps and such. 

(You can see past weeks in my memory planner, like the one above, by searching #katiethememoryplanner on Instagram.)

For eight months, I documented each week on a Happy Planner layout with a mix of photos and journaling. I LOVE that I have saved all the small details that wouldn’t normally be recorded.

However, after eight months, my layouts were starting to get a little repetitive, and it was becoming difficult to take new, unique photos each week. I’ve taken A LOT of selfies, couple selfies, food photos and desk photos in the last eight months. My weekly layouts were starting to seem forced. I felt like I was in a little bit of a memory-planning, creative rut, and I wanted to switch things up to try to get inspired before the holidays.

With all of that said, I still love the concept of memory keeping in a planner, and I still love the Happy Planner’s disc-bound system.

So, I renovated my memory planning system, and I am so stinking excited about the direction it’s going. I’m so excited to share it with you today!

My new system: 
I’m using the monthly pages to note fun, note-worthy things that happen each day. I am trying to note something most days, but there’s not something written on every day — I’m not forcing notes if there’s not something obvious.

I removed the weekly pages. *GASP*

Instead of using the weekly format for collecting my memories, I’ve been creating pages for individual memories. That may mean one page will showcase an hour, while another page might showcase a full week.

I’m still organizing these pages chronologically, behind the monthly planner pages.

I’m really excited about the flexibility of this new system. The reality is that some days, I want to document with one HUGE photo. Other days, I want to document with 9 small photos. Other days, I don’t have any photos, but I have a lot to say. Some days, I’ve got nothing. I love that I can just do whatever feels right, and not try to force every day to fit into the same three boxes in a vertical planner layout.

The logistics:
So far, I’ve been digitally arranging the photos and journaling on each page in Photoshop. Then I print the page on photo paper using my home printer. (It’s this one.) Then I punch the page for my planner, and add stickers.

I’ve used the pre-punched scrapbook paper from the Happy Memory Planning line to cover the back of pages that I don’t want to show. (Pages that would be blank, and the backs of the monthly layout that has half a weekly page on it.)

Why I LOVE this system: 

  • Flexibility. Instead of trying to document my memories like each day/week is equal to every other week, this new system will allow me to dedicate more space to days that were spectacular, and less space to days that were not. I still love the idea of documenting details, so I still plan to incorporate them.
  • Larger Photos! I am so excited to be able to easily incorporate larger photos. I always felt weird making a quick snapshot of my dinner the same size as a photo I loved. I definitely plan on using full page photos more often with this system.
  • Mixing digital + traditional scrapbooking elements. There are so many fun design elements, I’m excited to combine my favorite things from both worlds!
  • Convenience. Since I’m not documenting every single day, this system is already so much easier for me to keep up with. It’s also easier to work on this system whenever I’m inspired. Because of the way I’ve been printing photos, I was waiting until I had enough 2×3 photos to fill an 8.5×11 sheet of photo paper, and that rarely happened when I was inspired, which led to me falling behind a lot.


I’ve been having so much fun documenting my memories with this twist on memory planning! Follow along @katietheplanner on Instagram for more photos of how I put this system to work in my planner.




  • This is such a great idea! I like the idea of memory planning, but like you I didn’t like having to force things for days which didn’t happen and being constricted to such small spaces for days that were particularly noteworthy. This is such a great balance between the convenience of the disc-planner system and almost traditional scrap booking. I love it!

  • I really like this idea. I’ve been trying to take a stab at memory keeping but it too find that most days of the week their isn’t too much to document. Weekends tend to be more enjoyable and memory keeping worthy, lol! I design all my printable in Photoshop so this is a perfect system for me. Thanks for sharing this! It’s brining new creative energy to me which I love.

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