January + February Favorites

A few months about, I started posting every month or two about my favorite things. Even if they’re not my most popular posts, I have fun putting them together and looking back at previous months.

These lists are always really random. I usually start the list for the next favorites post almost as soon as I’ve published the last one. I add to it throughout the month, so it’s always really interesting to go back and see what I’ve added.

 “Ira Glass Wants to Save Christianity, Kinda” via Relevant 
This article spoke to me as a Christian, as a journalist, as a writer, as a storyteller, as a media theory nerd. It’s so, so good. It is long, though, so grab some popcorn before you click over.

Monogram Tote via Krafty Chix
This tote is the perfect planner bag. It’s cute and classy with more than enough room for my work planner, my personal planner, my fitness planner, my wallet and a makeup pouch stuffed full of purse essentials.

My Memory Planner 
I wrote about my holiday memory planner here. Every week, I love my memory planner more. I have so much fun sitting down every weekend to document my favorite moments.

Dustin’s Plan With Me video for #ValentinesDoPlanners
This video made me laugh so hard. It’s definitely one of my favorite moments from January!

I’m extremely late to the party, but I just watched this 2015 movie. It was so good and made my journalism heart so happy.

Nashville  (the TV show) 
I’ve always been a huge country music fan, but I only recently started watching this TV show. I’ve watched the entire series since the end of January, and music from the show has taken over my Spotify playlist. No spoilers, but the last few episodes have been heart-wrenching.
Random fact: Nashville (the city) is my favorite city that I’ve never lived in. My husband and I have strongly considered moving there several times, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe someday! 

I’m a stamping newbie, and I have to say it’s harder than it looks! I’ve had a lot of fun practicing and improving my technique over the last month. This Stamping Q&A is really helpful if you’re also a newbie!

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