March + April Favorites

Can you believe it’s already May!? I feel like April 1 was just yesterday.  It has rained so much lately, and I’ve been feeling super un-inspired. That happens, but as I was putting this favorites list together, I realized there are SO many things I’ve been loving lately. I’m so excited about all of the things I’m sharing in this favorites round-up. I definitely feel like writing this post was a step toward leaving my creative rut behind, and saying “hello, spring!”

So, maybe the first thing on my list should be creative favorites lists. Do it, it’s fun! Share some of your favorites in the comments below this post.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – This mascara is my all-time favorite that I re-buy over and over. I recently purchased a new tube after a few months with a mascara that I didn’t love, and I want to shout from the rooftops about how much I love Urban Decay Perversion. It makes my eyelashes look so good without feeling heavy or clumping.
TIP: A coworker told me you can buy sample sizes of most mascara brands on Amazon, so you can replace it after the recommended three months without wasting as much.

Illustrated Faith Traveler’s Notebooks – I impulsively bought a two-pack of these notebooks at Hobby Lobby, and I love them. In the two-pack, one notebook is ruled, and one has grid paper. I’ve been using one for a mix of sermon notes and lettering practice. Tombow Brush Pens don’t bleed through the pages! (I couldn’t find a link to these exact notebooks online, but they’re available in the planner section at Hobby Lobby.)

Popsocket – This weird little circle-thing on the back of my phone is weird, but I love it. I feel like I’m less likely to drop my phone when I’m using it, and my hand feels like it’s straining to hold my phone less. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

Tombow Brush Pens + LePen – I’ve probably over shared my love of Papermate Flairs here. They’ll always be my favorite pens, but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up. Lately I’ve been loving Tombow Brush Pens for fancy lettering practice and LePen for everyday writing.

Fresh Flowers – I can’t think of anything that says “let’s celebrate because winter is finally over” more than fresh flowers. Trader Joes and the Farmers’ Market are my two favorite spots for fresh flowers.

Planet Fitness – I’ve never gone to the gym before in my life, so I love that this is essentially a gym for beginners. I’ve been going after work Monday through Thursday for about a month, and I love it so much more than I thought I would. The gym is definitely out of my comfort zone, but Planet Fitness has made is un-intimidating as possible.

Rae Dunn Pottery – I recently fell down a Rae Dunn-rabbit hole on Instagram and ended up joining a few Facebook groups. These pottery pieces are gorgeous and would fit in perfectly with a farmhouse decor theme. They’re available at TJ Maxx and Home Goods, but they sell fast, so you have to keep an eye out.

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