MINI Fitness Planner Monthly Set up

I recently started going to the gym and focusing more on my health. It’s completely new territory for me, and my MINI Fitness Planner has been a huge help.

Today I’m excited to share how I’ve set up this planner to prep for a new month.

The beginning of the month is a great time for reflecting on what’s working and what’s not and for setting goals.

I recently started working in an office again after working from home for a couple years, and my LOFT dresses don’t fit quite like they did two years ago. That was the biggest motivator for me to start focusing on my health.

Since big changes don’t happen overnight, I wanted to use these monthly pages to track small progress to keep me motivated while I’m working on my BIG goal.


I love the “Progress Selfie” monthly page that comes in the MINI Fitness Planners. It’s great for reflection and tracking progress. I can’t wait to have a collection of these pages completed with photos to flip through.

I love having these photos side-by-side on this page. I uploaded them into the PhotoGrid App on my iPhone, which has some fun collage options with various shapes. I printed the photos and trimmed them along the diagonal line. So easy to get a really fun look!

I used a MINI Notes Page to track my non-scale wins for the previous month, and my non-scale goals for the upcoming month. I love the idea of tracking these wins, because I think it will be awesome to look back on these in six months when these wins feel like no big deal. It’s all about taking baby steps to BIG goals!

A quick shot of the May monthly divider in this planner, because enthusiasm is key!

What’s the best fitness tip you’ve ever heard? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love your advice as I continue my fitness journey.

Products used in this post: MINI Fitness Planner, TomBow Brush Pens, me & my BIG ideas Fitness Sticker Value Pack 

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  • Very nice! I bought a mini fitness planner to use about a month ago and I’ve been awful about keeping up with it. Seeing your set up is a great motivator to get back to it!

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