Miss the Natural Lighting of Summer? Recreate it!

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Natural Lighting for Crafts

A few weeks ago, I got really bummed thinking about how winter was going to change my planning + crafting routine.

I almost never do anything crafty after dark, because artificial lighting drastically changes how colors appear. Almost every time I give in and plan or scrapbook at night, I end up hating my layouts when I see them the next day because the colors I thought matched actually look horrible together.

I thought the shorter daylight hours during winter would mean less crafting time and even less time for taking photos to share with you guys here and on Instagram.

BUT THEN, I got an email about trying out an OttLite lamp, and I read this article on the benefits of an OttLite over other lamps. Heck yes, I wanted to try out a lamp that replicates natural light and helps you see colors accurately!

I received my OttLite while we were in the middle of moving, and I couldn’t wait to get my new office set up so I could try it out. Oh my gosh, you guys. It TOTALLY lives up to my expectations. I LOVE this lamp!

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Let me show you.

Natural Lighting


Above, you can see the difference OttLite makes during the day. The only editing on these photos is the sharpness and the text.

Natural Light Planner Photo

And here, you can see the difference OttLite makes at night. (!!!) Again, the only editing on these photos is the sharpness and the text. The photos were taken on the same camera setting with the same shutter speed, and I didn’t change anything else about the lighting. (All of the lights in my office were on.)  It’s a pretty crazy difference, right?!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold! My only problem is that I’m going to have to buy another one (or five) pretty soon. Now that I’ve seen how close to natural light OttLite really is and read this article about how the clear lighting reduces eye strain, I want an OttLite in every room.

Save 25% on your very own OttLite by using code BLOGGER25 on OttLite.com (valid thru December 31, 2016 on in-stock lamps). This is the one I have, but I also love this desk organizer one and this color-changing one.

Enter to win the OttLite lamp of your choice – and win one for a friend! Enter to win here.  (Contest is open from November 7 thru December 3, 2016).

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