My Favorite Recent Planner Spreads

I’m always sharing my weekly layouts on Instagram, but I recently realized I haven’t shared many of them here on the blog. To fix that very serious issue, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite planner spreads from this summer (and what I loved about them.) Enjoy!

Happy Planner Layout

Memory planning meets actual planning.
There were so many things I loved about this June week’s layout! This was my first week dipping my toe in the ‘memory planning’ water by adding photos to my planner spread, and I had so much fun. As a bonus, I was inspired to take more photos, because I knew I needed enough to fill these bottom squares.
The sidebar of this week was one of my favorites. I used these days of the week stickers from Me and My Big Ideas to track one healthy habit each day. It could be anything, but I had to write something down at the end of the day. It was a fun challenge, because I got really competitive with myself trying to beat the previous days.

Happy Planner Inspiration

It’s the Fourth of July. Let’s celebrate!
This week I used a kit from Cricket Paper Co.  If you’ve never used a kit before, they usually have everything you need (plus extra) to decorate a week in your planner. Cricket Paper Co. is my favorite place to get kits. I’ve found them to be the most functional, and she has options for the Happy Planner — so the full boxes fit perfectly.
*The boxes fit last year’s Happy Planners perfectly. Some of this year’s planners have thinner headers, so the stickers may be a touch shorter than the box. It’s super easy to cover the extra space with some washi tape. There are even coordinating washi strip stickers in the kits! 

MAMBI Happy Planner

My Birthday Week! 
This spread was so fun and festive! The birthday page in the Me and My Big Ideas seasonal stickers value pack matches their rose gold sticker book perfectly. When I realized that, I knew I was going to be decorating my birthday week with mint and pink.
I loved the candles on the sidebar and the confetti all over the layout. Want to know a secret about the confetti? The birthday sheet had several confetti stickers that I used those right away. The rose gold sticker book has a sheet of small icon stickers. I used the circles to add more confetti. So fun!

Happy Planner DIYHappy Planner Tutorial

Planning that matches the plans. 
AKA. Mermaid week for the aquarium!
This is another kit from Cricket Paper Co. (I used several other stickers as well.) My little sister was visiting, and one of our big plans was to visit the sharks at the aquarium. I had fun matching my planner to our plans. The colors were so fun to look at all week. Something about these shades felt calming and extra special.
I’m obsessed with how well the Me and My Big Ideas gold dot washi matched this week. OK. If I’m being honest, I’m really just obsessed with this gold dot washi in general. It’s definitely a favorite.  The pattern really does match this mermaid theme so well, though.


This is completely unrelated, but when I was growing up I thought ROY G BIV would be the coolest person to meet. Someone named after the colors of the rainbow must have the most awesome personality ever!

OK. Moving on.

I saved the best for last, y’all! This fun rainbow might be my favorite planner spread ever. I enjoyed picking out stickers that matched each day’s color, and now that it’s finished it’s fun to look at.
I challenged myself to use mostly Me and My Big Ideas stickers this week, and I love the result. Their stickers coordinate so well; it’s probably impossible to mess up a challenge like that!



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