NEW Happy Planner Accessories Preview

me & my BIG ideas has done it again. The products they’ll be releasing in their online shop March 1 are absolutely incredible. Everything is amazing.

I’m excited to be sharing some of the accessories that are part of this release today. There was too much for one blog post, though, so tomorrow I’ll be sharing more about the new sticker storage book, and Monday I’ll be sharing three new planners. Be sure to check back over the next few days if you’re interested in either of those!

First, let’s talk about stickers. Holy guacamole these stickers are cute. These packs are smaller than the value packs, which is a great way to get started if you’re not sure your ready to commit to the larger packs. Plus, these stickers are crazy cute. There are so many bright color and fun patterns represented in these packs, and there’s still tons of functionality!

In the below video, I flip through each page of every new sticker book. I go pretty quickly, because I didn’t want the video to be too long. You may need to pause the video if you want to look at something for a little longer.

Next up: Sticky notes, note pads and stamps!

See everything in the video here, and/or scroll for still photos of everything.


I love keeping at least one sticky note dashboard in my planner at all times. I use the sticky notes most often for pre-planning. I usually write plans on a sticky note until I decorate my planner for the week, and I write them in my planner in my decorate. This gives me freedom to decorate without having to work on notes, but more importantly, it gives plans room to change. By the week of an event, most plans have been finalized; the plans that aren’t stay on a sticky note until they are.

I love these new patterns of the pre-punched notepads! The teal + polka dot has my heart forever.

These notepads are probably the Happy Planner accessory I use most without photographing and sharing on Instagram. They’re great for meal planning and messy to-do lists you don’t plan on keeping. My new goal is to keep them neat enough that I can share how I use them!

And finally … stamps! I saved the best for last. From all the comments and messages I’ve got on Instagram over the last few weeks, I think it’s safe to say these stamps are one of the most highly anticipated accessories in a while. They have NOT let me down! Most of the stickers I use most often are represented — which means I can now use them even more.

If you’re curious how they’re packaged, the two sheets above are one pack, and the two sheets below are another. So much function!


I’d love to hear from you. Which of these accessories are you MOST excited for?  I love it all, but I think I’m most excited for the stamps.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a preview of the new Sticker Storage Book and Monday for previews of the three new planners I’ll be using from this release.

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  • I am so “Excited” about everything, but I am “Really” about the new Sticker storage book! Can’t wait….”YAY”

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