October Goals

This is the second post in my monthly goals series. At the beginning of each month, I’m talking all about GOALS:  reflecting on the past month’s and looking ahead to the next month’s.  See the first post here.

Reflecting on September Goals // 
During September, I got back into a blogging + Instagram routine, and I started stretching myself creatively after stepping back to refresh and focus on other things for the summer. I was mediocre at being more intentional with my relationships, and I completely failed at de-cluttering.

*Fall stickers from Shades of Wandermint on Etsy

October Goals // 

Continue being intentional with relationships. I made definite improvement last month, but I still need to work on this area. I’m adding it to my list of goals again to make sure I keep working on it.
Action Item: Send emails, cards, texts, etc. Reach out.

Develop a better morning routine. Now that it’s fall, it’s staying dark later and later. Subsequently, I’ve been sleeping later and later, and my mornings have become a blur of rushing around and running late.  This month, I want to focus on using my mornings more intentionally. I’ve read so much about how this one thing can improve your whole day, but I am NOT a morning person. If I’m being honest, this goal terrifies me.
Action Item: Figure out what things I want to accomplish in the mornings, and start waking up early enough to make them happen. (I’m thinking 6 a.m., which is an hour before I’m currently trying to wake up.)

Get back to the gym. I took the summer off, because it’s hot in Oklahoma and I have very little will power. I really want to get back into a fitness routine this month.
Action Item: Start small. Figure out how to fit the gym into my schedule AND go. Forget about other fitness goals this month and just focus on GOING.

Start prepping for the holiday.  Quick confession: I’m the person who starts shopping the day before Christmas Eve. Last year, I didn’t even think about Christmas cards until the week after Christmas. This year, I want to try switching this up and getting things done early, so the holiday season will be less stressful.
Action Item: Start shopping for gifts, and design Christmas cards.

Blog posts I’m working on for this month // 

  • Reflecting on my year on the mambi Design Team  — This year has been a DREAM. This was a major goal of mine, and I have loved every single second. I’m planning to get all my thoughts out on paper to share with you.
  •  Memory Planning Refresh — I wanted to switch up my memory to make it a little easier before the holidays. I’ve found a system I LOVE, and I can’t wait to share it with you!
  • Planning for Productivity — My planner is my BFF at work, but I almost never share that planner. This month, I’ll be sharing how I use my planner at work to get stuff done.
  • Which Happy Planner Stickers to Buy for FALL — Planning how to plan? There are SO many cute Fall stickers.  If you’re not sure which sticker packs have the cutest foliage + fall quotes, I’m planning a round-up to point you in the right direction.

Anything else you’d like to see on the blog this month? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to fit it in!


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