Planning a Month in My Happy Planner™ // October 2016

The monthly calendar pages in the Happy Planner™ can be a really useful tool, but I’ve heard several people say they’re not sure where to start.

Today I want to share a little about my monthly planning process to give you a little inspiration. For more monthly planning inspiration, you can see my August pages here.

Happy Planner Month

The Calendar
I add a few decorations, but I like to keep my monthly calendar pretty simple so I can quickly notice how big things — like holidays, birthdays, out-of-town visitors and road trips — correlate.

Keeping this page mostly clear except for those things, means I can glance at this calendar and quickly get a feel for the month.

Happy Planner Monthly View

Goal Setting
The notes section is a great place to set a few goals for the month. These are usually a mix of personal, professional, serious and fun things.

I usually set my goals for the month, after I’ve added everything to the calendar. If there are a lot of special occasions, it means the month will be pretty busy and I should try to keep my goals on the simple side. If there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on, I can be a little more ambitious with my goal-setting because I’ll likely have more time to get work done.

With that said, this month was a little bit different. Our lease is up at the end of the month, and we’ll be moving to another apartment in town. We’ll probably be working on packing and moving most of the month, so I’ve intentionally kept the month free from any big events because of that goal.

I stick a half sheet note paper with a quick version of my budget in between the two monthly pages. There’s a more complex version of my budget in an excel file on my computer, but this one is great if I have a quick question about something. It has our pay periods, bill due dates and amounts, and the total due in bills each pay period.

It may seem a little silly to hand write a budget when I have a more detailed electronic version. Since many of our bills our automatically paid, I like taking the time to write them to consider where our money is going. This way we don’t keep paying for a gym membership we haven’t used in six months.

Month Planning

The Currently page
Since I don’t have any birthdays this month, and I’ve already listed my goals I covered those sections with a pair of matching Pocket Pages™ cards.

I usually fill out the Currently section at the beginning of the month, but I’m going to try adding details as I go this month. I’ve seen a few girls do this on Instagram, and I want to see how it works for me. I may be back to filling it all in at once next month.

How do you use the monthly pages in your Happy Planner™? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe in the right sidebar!

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