September Favorites

September Favorites

A fun little back story to get us started. Back in 2012ish I had a very sporadically updated lifestyle blog where I shared photos and fun stories of random things happening in my life. It was fun for me, but it was probably pretty boring for everyone else.

BUT, I had a weekly feature called Fave Five Friday. Every Friday I picked a category and shared my five favorites in that category. I wrote about my favorite apps, store discount programs, frozen treats, beauty products and pretty much everything in between. It was fun to write, and it was actually picked up as a regular column in a local lifestyle magazine.

I’ve been thinking about reviving that weekly feature here on for awhile, but I don’t blog regularly enough for a weekly series that’s not planner related. So, I’ve reached a compromise: A monthly favorites series. (Yes, I compromised with myself. I’m weird like that. I’ve accepted it.)

This list will be random, but hopefully really fun. Let’s get started!

  • The mambi Design Team announcement made my month. I’m so excited to be starting this fun year of creativity with so many of my planner friends and crafty heroes.
  • This episode of Elise Gets Crafty on planning is a great reminder that a planner is a great tool for making things happen, but it doesn’t do the work for you. I’m a longtime Elise fan girl, so many of my thoughts on goal-setting, creativity, scrapbooking, perfectionism, etc. probably trace back to her blog.
  • This episode of This American Life on segregation is so good.
  • NBC’s This Is Us is going to be the next Parenthood. I’m already so overcommitted to this series that it’s a little embarrassing.
  • Actually let’s just say fall TV is great in general. Grey’s Anatomy is back, and a new season of Longmire has been added to Netflix. Entertainment is good right now.
  • I got my first Fab Fit Fun box this month. My parent’s got me a year subscription for my birthday, and I’m already convinced this is the coolest subscription box I’ve tried. I love the variety of products!
  • I’ve been listening to this Spotify playlist. OK really, I just replay the Miranda Lambert and Turnpike Troubadour songs.
  • I’ve been working through this study on Cultivating Contentment with my sister-in-law, and this study on Philippians with my husband. Both have been awesome.
  • We kicked off our “Sunday Soup” tradition with my favorite chili this month. During the fall, we spend our Sunday afternoons cleaning, resting, watching football and 60 Minutes and making delicious soup.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe in the right sidebar.

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