Setting up a Month in your Happy Planner // August 2016

Hi Planner friends!

Monthly pages are some of the most useful, but also the most overlooked in the planner world. Today I’m sharing how I set up a month in my Happy Planner, and hopefully give the monthly pages a little of the respect they deserve.

Month in Happy Planner

The monthly calendar view is a great tool for seeing everything you have planned for the month and how it’s all going to work together.

I use washi tape to mark date ranges. This month, both of my sisters were in town at different times. I didn’t realize until I was setting up this calendar that I was in for almost three weeks of sister time and not one overlapping day!

I also use this view to add important dates like birthdays, holidays and special events.


 Budget in Happy Planner

I use half sheet note paper to add an overview of my budget for the month to my planner. I list my bills and planned expenses in chronological order. I divide the list by pay period and add up the total amount I’ll be paying in bills each pay period. Throughout the month goes on, I check bills off as they’re paid.

I also keep this budget information in a spreadsheet. The digital version goes about six months into the future and also has savings and spending money (like groceries, fun money, etc.) planned out.

I love adding this condensed budget to my planner each month, because it’s so much easier to glance at this paper version when I’m trying to remember if the car payment needs paid today or next week.

Where does it go: I stick this page in between the two monthly calendar pages.

Happy Planner Month

I use a note page to set up a list of things I want to be praying for during the month. I set up different categories to make sure I’m praying for needs broader than my immediate community.

I used to keep a separate prayer journal where I kept these monthly lists. I moved it to my planner, so I always had it with me and could add to it as I hear about things that I wanted to pray for. I have a lot more on my prayer lists now, and I love that!

It’s also really cool to look back through these lists for previous months to see how God has answered prayers.

Where does it go: I stick this page at the beginning of the month between the currently page and the monthly divider.

That’s all, folks! How do you plan for a new month?


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