Setting Up My 2017 Work Planner (a.k.a. Planner of My Dreams)

If you’re trying to figure out what planner you’re going to use for work in 2017, this is the post for you!

Today, I’m going to share how I set up the planner I use for work. I’m so excited for this post, because if I were to set up the ultimate planner for functionality and getting stuff done this would be it.

This planner is my DREAM planner. Seriously. If I’m being honest, it’s kind of like the planner version of my power suit. I feel like I could conquer the world (or at least I look like I could) when I take it out of my bag.

Professional Happy planner

I started with the This is Your Year Happy Planner™ in the CLASSIC size. If you’re not familiar with Happy Planners, the CLASSIC size is 7” x 9.25”, so maybe about two/thirds of the size of a standard sheet of paper. The This is Your Year design is neutral and pretty simple, so it’s perfect for a professional environment.

I switched the medium discs for teal expander discs. I had quite a few extra pages I wanted to add, and the teal discs add a fun pop of color.

I also switched the standard laminated cover for a Quilted Snap In Cover. This cover is hard and durable, so I can toss my planner in my work bag with complete confidence the cover won’t pop off and the pages won’t get bent. I love the classy look of the quilted cover. I didn’t love it in photos, but I fell in love when I saw it in real life.Functional Happy Planner

Before we start talking about the extra pages I added, check out the standard weekly pages in this planner. They’re so classic and neutral — perfect for work!

Work Happy Planner

The first thing I added is a sticky notes dashboard. I always write my plans on a sticky note at first. Sticky notes give me flexibility to change my plans without making a mess scratching things out in my planner.

Sticky notes also help with prioritizing — I can move the sticky notes around while I’m trying to figure out what tasks are most important.Functional Happy Planner

Quick aside: I started my new job in November, so I wanted to go ahead and start a new work planner then. Since my This is Your Year planner starts in January 2017, I added in November and December from the Be Bright Happy Planner I was using in 2016.

One of the great things about Happy Planners is the flexibility of the disc system. You can easily move pages around, add pages, remove pages, whatever you need to do. It made starting a new job in November so much easier!

Professional Happy Planner

I used mambi dashboards to create a few extra tabbed sections in my planner. In the first extra section, which I labeled “Get it Done,” I added a pack of note and graph paper.

I plan to use this for everything (brainstorming, note taking in meetings, listing, etc.), and replenish the paper as it runs out. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve been caught without paper when I needed to take notes. I love that I can essentially add a notebook to my planner.

Functional Planning

Behind my second dashboard, I added a pack of daily planner pages. These are perfect for those extra busy days when you need more space to keep track of everything. Since these pages are undated, I’ll only use them on those really busy days.

See how I set up a daily page here.

Neutral Happy Planner

Let’s wrap up this post with a quick peak at a couple of my favorite monthly dividers in my This is Your Year Happy Planner. Didn’t I tell you this was a classy planner?! So Kate Spade!

Best Work Planner 2017

What would you put in your DREAM work planner? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Hi Katie!!
    I also use the Happy Planner andI wanted to get the teal discs, but on their website (and everywhere else), I keep seeing “teal” as two different colors. I know one is translucent and the other is a beautiful opaque aqua. On the MaMBI website, it really isn’t clear, so I’m happy I read your post…. I know I’ll be buying the right ones then…

    Thanks and your planner looks awesome ! professional with a personality

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