Setting up my Happy Planner™ – Faith Edition

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I shared a flip through of my Happy Planner™ – Faith Edition last week. It’s a gorgeous planner. Today, I’m excited to share how I’ve set this planner up and how I plan to use it.

This planner is sold in a box kit that comes with a few sheets of stickers, sticky notes, a page clip and a pen. I knew that I wanted to keep it all together, so I would always have easy access to the coordinating stickers and sticky notes while using my planner.

The sticky notes came on a mini dashboard that was pre-punched, so I stuck them in the front of my planner.


faith planner

For the stickers, I used double-sided tape to stick the sheets to a piece of card stock. I left about half an inch of card stock showing on one side that I punched to fit in my Happy Planner™. Then, I added the stickers to the front of my planner with my sticky notes.

I put this planner in my Deluxe Cover. Since I’ll be using this planner for church and Bible studies, the pockets will be perfect for storing church bulletins, fliers and other random papers until I get home. I’m also pretty excited that the cover will give me something a little sturdier to take notes on during church.

faith happy planner

***In the above photo, let’s pretend that Bible study sticker isn’t awkwardly placed back on the page. Am I the only person that changes their mind on a sticker and tries to save it for later? I’m clearly not very good at it. I didn’t realize it was in the photo like that until now. 


happy planner bible study

My goal is for this planner to be a tool that reminds and encourages me to spend daily time with God. I am so excited for that!

I will be using this planner as a Bible study tool. On the weekly view, I’ll use the top box for study plans and quick notes. I’ll only write enough here to help jog my memory about what I studied, but I will have notepaper in this planner for more detailed study notes. The middle box will be for things I’m praying for that day. The bottom box will be a gratitude journal.

While I want to use this planner every day, I know I’ll miss days. I’ll likely miss several days in a row at times. Maybe weeks.

I’m telling myself now, that’s OK. I’m not perfect, and it’s silly for me to worry about perfection in this planner. The planner is a tool — it isn’t the entirety of my relationship with God. If I’m stressing about the tool, the tool isn’t doing it’s job and something needs to change.

So, if I miss a day, I’ll add a few cute stickers to make the empty space less awkward, and I’ll move on.

The beauty of this planner is that it’s undated. If there are busy seasons throughout the year, I can spend time with God in other ways that make more sense for that season — without worrying about missing weeks in the planner.

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