Setting up my Mini Happy Planner™ Extension

Mini Happy Planner

Hello, Beautiful!

When I first saw the new Mini Happy Planners™, I instantly knew I wanted to use my copy as a personal planner to keep track of after-work errands and projects.

I’m starting a new job next week, so this felt like a great time to start using this new planning system. I didn’t want to wait until January to start!

I’m also ridiculously impatient, and two months feels like an eternity.

Enter: A Mini Happy Planner™ expansion pack!

I’ll be sharing how I’m using my weekly pages soon, but today I’m sharing how I set up the monthly pages.

MAMBI Extension Pack

Instead of using the number stickers that came with the extension pack, I decided I wanted to hand write the numbers on this view. I used tall, skinny numbers inspired by my fellow Design Team member, April Orr.

I mostly use the monthly view for reference, so I don’t need a lot of space for notes. I do still have a little space if it’s needed.

Happy Planner Extension Pack

I messed up while numbering the December layout and accidentally started on the wrong date. To correct my error, I trimmed a full box sticker from the mambi Seasonal Sticker Value Pack to fit the two boxes a little better and added a decorative tree sticker. I had to cover the first of the month, so it’s not a perfect solution. I don’t use the monthly view enough to stress over this, though. Plus, it’s kind of cute!

I’m not pre-dating the weekly layouts of the extension pack. I want to give myself the freedom to play around with different styles of numbers and maybe incorporate the dates in the design.

Since I won’t have dated weekly layouts, if I need to pre-plan something I’ll use a sticky note on the monthly layout.

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