She Reads Truth Bible // Flip-Through and a GIVEAWAY!

I am SO excited for this post, but I feel like we need to start with a little back story: Every time I’ve ever posted about Bible journaling, I’ve gotten tons of comments and direct messages asking what Bible I recommend for Bible journaling and study.

I would mention the Bibles I was using at the time, and then I would write some variation of a recommendation for the She Reads Truth Bible. Usually my response would end with something like this, “while I don’t personally own the She Reads Truth Bible, I have read a lot of reviews on blogs and Instagram, studied tons of photos, and it’s at the top of my wishlist. It looks like it would be amazing for BOTH Bible Study and Bible Journaling. It’s the best of both worlds!” 

Then, about a month ago I was given the opportunity to write an official review of the She Reads Truth Bible here on the blog, and I could not say “YES! Of Course!” fast enough.

So, here you have it, friends: a more educated, more passionate encouragement to buy the She Reads Truth Bible.  Or, add it to your Christmas Wish List. Or, enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post. However you go about it, add the She Reads Truth Bible to your bookshelf because it’s amazing.

Why is this Bible so great? I’m glad you asked! Here are my 7 favorite things about the She Reads Truth Bible

  1. The cover //  This poppy color is gorgeous, and the simple design is super chic. This is shallow, but let’s be honest, a cute Bible that looks like it was intended for a 20-to-30-something young woman is somewhat hard to find.I know it doesn’t really matter, but the She Reads Truth Bible definitely gets extra points for its cover that’s cute enough to plan a Sunday-morning outfit around.

2. The devotionals // I love Bibles that include devotionals every few chapters, because it means you can spend less time searching for a study and more time connecting with the word. This Bible includes 200 studies by the She Reads Truth team, and I can’t wait to go through them. I’ve been a fan of She Reads Truth studies for several years, so I’m sure these are all going to be amazing.

3. The Title Pages // Each book of the Bible was intended to be read in context, and a lot of times that can be difficult to understand. I love this detailed title page that sets the stage for each book. From this overview page, you can learn the timeline, background, message + purpose for each book before you start reading. A lot of times I refer back to this page over and over again while I’m working my way through a book to make sure I’m keeping things in context.

4. The extra study pages // Each book of the Bible includes a relevant study page right after the title page. This includes 35 full-color timelines, 20 full-color maps, 11 full-color charts. They’re all super helpful and add even more context which makes everything a little easier to understand.

5. The Reading Plans // On the right page above you can see how each book is broken down into an easy-to-digest reading plan.  The reading plans are broken down into daily readings AND each day has a related reading passage from another book to help you see the BIG picture.

Plus, I didn’t take a photo of it, but there is a reading plan in the back of the Bible that breaks down what you should read every day to read the whole Bible in a year!

6. The cover pages for each book // Every single book has a beautiful, cover page with a key point and beautiful artwork. Each one is unique, but they’re all gorgeous.

6 B. See. GORGEOUS cover pages // I really wanted to take a photo of all of them, so you could see how amazing they are. That would have been a little excessive, though, so I took a photo of two of my favorites.

7. The margins //  I saved the BEST for last! I absolutely love the wide margins in the She Reads Truth Bible. Since the margins aren’t lined, they would be perfect for creative Bible journaling, but they would also be perfect for note-taking while you’re studying. My study Bibles are always jam packed with notes in the margins, and I love going back through the notes to reflect on sermons and Bible studies that had meaning to me.  I’m really excited to use all this space.


GIVEAWAY // Enter to win one of seven FREE She Reads Truth Bibles here.

PURCHASE // If you’d rather not wait, go ahead and purchase a copy of the She Reads Truth Bible here.


*The She Reads Truth Bible is a Christian Standard Bible. 

I was given this Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media.  While I was given the Bible for free all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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