Summer Bucket List Planner Insert

You know those times when you want to do something creative, but aren’t feeling any of the projects you have planned?

I love those moments, because they’re usually when I come up with my favorite projects. I’m a big believer that creativity is born from limitations. This might not be what you would normally define as a “limitation,” but a lack of ideas when you’re feeling crafty is a limitation in my book.

The first thing I always do when I’m in a creative, idea-less situation is to go through my craft stash. Almost always I find some supplies I’d forgot about and find a new (sometimes better) way to use them.

All of the rambling to say, that process is how this project came to be. So, if this project inspires you to do something creative, but you don’t have the right supplies. Start looking through your stash and wait for inspiration to strike. Chances are, it will!Happy Planner Inserts

I found this mini color pencil by number kit from Hobby Lobby in my crafting stash. The coloring card is a similar size to the large journaling cards I usually put in my Happy Planner, so I  thought it could be a fun, unique insert.

I punched the card for my planner and added some colorful alphabet stickers to the front.

Tip: When you’re using alphabet stickers in a project, it’s helpful to start wherever you want your stickers aligned. For this project, I wanted the stickers right aligned so I started with the end of the word and worked backward. When I want to center a word or phrase, I’ll start with the middle letter and work outward. This method makes it so much easier to make sure your letters end up looking like you planned.Happy Planner Insert

I started the back of the card by writing my summer bucket list on a scrap piece of paper, so I would know how much space I needed.

After I figured it out, I layered a few sheets of large sticky notes on the back of the card. Since I’ll (hopefully) be flipping through the pages to check activities off, I used some washi tape to make sure the sticky notes didn’t fall off the card after they’d been used.

I finished the project by adding some stickers and writing my list.

I can’t wait to start checking summer activities off this list! What fun things are on your summer bucket list?


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