Ultimate Happy Planner Newbie Shopping List

When you’re just getting started with decorative planners, wandering through the paper section of your local craft store can be really overwhelming. There is so much cute stuff, and I know from personal experience how tempting it can be to throw one of everything in your cart!

If you need a little guidance to make this new hobby easier on your wallet, this list is an excellent starting point. These are the most-used items in my planner stash. If I had to narrow down my supplies, I would honestly be happy with just these.

Planner Newbie Shopping List


1. A Happy Planner – There are so many gorgeous designs, but my favorite this year is the “Be Bright” planner. Every Happy Planner is unique, so make sure you’re not just looking at the cover when you make your selection. Take into consideration the monthly dividers, weekly layouts and the monthly “Currently” page.
You may also see some student Happy Planners while you’re shopping. They were designed to be a lower cost, but they’re very similar to standard Happy Planners. Even if you’re not a student, the student planners can be a great option. Here are some of the differences:
– Student planners are 12 months rather than 18 like a standard Happy Planner.
– There’s a clear plastic cover in front of a thinner, decorative cover; standard Happy Planners have a decorative cover with thicker lamination, and no clear plastic cover.
– Student planners have no tabs on the monthly dividers.
– Student planners come with a snap in plastic bookmark, and standard Happy Planners do not.
-The monthly layout is slightly different in student planners. The calendar is smaller, and there’s a space for monthly goals and doodles.

2. Value Pack Stickers – These sticker packs are amazing because you get a lot for such a great value. Before you start sticker shopping on Etsy, these stickers will help you decide what works for you.  The Planner Basics and Seasonal packs are my favorite, but all of the value packs are great.

3. Sticky Notes – If you’re going to decorate your planner, it helps to pre-plan with sticky notes. If something changes, it’s really easy to remove or move a sticky note. When you’re ready to decorate at the beginning of the week, you’re not tied to where you’ve already written plans and notes. These Me and My Big Ideas sticky notes are cute enough that you could even leave them in your planner with your decorated layouts!

4. Note Paper – There are so many ways to use note paper in your planner: Meal plans, prayer requests, meeting notes, and to-do lists are just a few of the ways I use them. These half sheet note pages are my favorite, because I can stick them in the middle of my weekly layout and still see my plans.

5. Washi Tape –  Me and My Big Ideas washi is a great place to start building your washi stash because every standard Happy Planner has a coordinating tube of washi tape. Decorating a week is so much easier when your supplies already match your planner!

6. Pens – Great pens are the most important tool you need for your planner.  Staedtler Triples Fineliners and Papermate Flairs are my favorite. They write smoothly in bold colors without bleeding or shadowing. What more can you ask for in a pen?

What planner essentials would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments! 

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