30+ ways to use Happy Planner notes pages

Notes pages are one of my favorite things about Happy Planners, because the disc-bound system makes it so easy to add and remove notes pages wherever you want. It’s almost like you can bullet journal while keeping the weekly and monthly planner set up. How awesome is that?!

There are so many fun, creative ways to use notes pages, but I know it can be a little intimidating to start with a blank page. I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to use them to provide a little inspiration for what to write and how to decorate.

Even if you don’t have a Happy Planner, these ideas can translate to any planner, bullet journal, or even just a notebook!


Keep related projects together // On the above page, you can see how I organized my upcoming blog posts. When I have a lot of related projects, I love grouping them on one page, because it’s often more efficient to work on a few different projects at once when they have similar steps. For example, I took most of the photos for these posts in one afternoon, and this page helped me keep track of what photos I’d already taken.

Other ways you could use this idea: 

  • School or work projects
  • Spring cleaning
  • DIY projects
  • Scrapbook pages

On this page, I used washi tape from this set, Crayola markers and Papermate Flair pens


Self care // I’m a workaholic, so it’s too easy for me to get wrapped up in work and forget to take care of myself. Notes pages are perfect for reminding yourself that life isn’t all about being productive.

On this page I used washi tape from this pack, icon stickers from this pack, alphabet stickers from this pack, and a hustle sticker that came with these MINI Happy Planner dashboards

Set goals // I love creating fun bucket lists to work through. Even when they’re small things, like local restaurants to try for date night, I have so much fun working through them. I find they really inspire me to step away from my routine and try new things. I wrote about this date night bucket list page in this post on the me & my BIG ideas blog.

Other fun bucket list ideas: 

  • Books to read
  • Movies to watch
  • Weekend or one-day road trips
  • Free or cheap entertainment
  • New foods to try
  • Recipes to make
  • Artists to see in concert
  • Photos to take
  • Travel destinations
  • DIY projects to try
  • Skills to learn
  • Random Acts of Kindness to do
  • Bible verses to memorize
  • Parks to visit (or monuments, museums, baseball stadiums: get creative!)
  • Seasonal activities


On the above page, I used washi tape from this set, alphabet stickers from this pack, and floral and heart stickers from this pack

Keep track of a BIG project // I explained how I used notes pages to track our move in this post on the me & my BIG ideas blog. Essentially, I had a master list of everything that needed to be done, and some things on that list were broken down into smaller lists. On my master list (which is on the left of the above note sheet) I noted where I could find specific sub lists.

This idea can be used for any BIG project! Here are some specific ideas: 

  • A research paper
  • A home renovation
  • Back to school shopping
  • Organizing a yard sale or fundraiser


On this page I used: chipboard alphabet stickers similar to these, washi tape from this set, icon stickers from this pack and floral stickers from this sticker pack. 

Make a list // This is a super basic idea that probably didn’t need to be said, but lists are so much fun!

If you need some inspiration, here are just a few fun lists to try:

  • Things that make you happy
  • What you’re grateful for
  • Memories
  • Foods you love
  • Favorites (movies, books, tv shows, places, etc.)
  • Routines (list your morning, evening or weekend routine)


On this page, I used alphabet stickers similar to these and Papermate Flair pens


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  • I’m looking at getting a Happy Planner (if I can find one in the stores. I know its pretty late in the year to find such things). I saw them recently and it really appeals to me — though I mostly want to track quotes from books, information on my Compassion Sponsored children and ideas for letters, what I am studying in the Bible. The same things I currently put in my bullet journal. So I loved seeing your note today about that!

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